10 Best AI Writing Software of 2024 (Ranked)

To produce high-quality material, selecting the Best AI Writing Software is essential. The greatest AI writing tools can produce everything you require, from eye-catching headlines to lengthy pieces of text. I’ve reviewed and ranked the top 10 AI writing tools in this article, along with my top 5, so you can choose the one that’s right for you.

Want to produce flawless content that turns leads into customers?

Then have a look at Jasper, Ink, and Grammarly, three of my favorite writing aids.

It’s all about content quality and velocity for brands in the twenty-first century, that adopt a content-first mindset.

Seven million blog entries are thought to be published per day.

Brands must remain relevant in the face of such enormous volume.

What is the Best AI Writing Software?

Here are my top picks for the best AI writing software to try this year.

1. Jasper.

Best AI Writing Software

Jasper is the AI writing program I would generally recommend if you want to harness the power of AI to create unique articles, headlines, advertising, and more. This is unquestionably the best AI authoring tool available at the moment with a variety of templates readily available, incredibly speedy output, and a support team that promptly answers your questions.

With the aid of the AI writing tool Jasper (formerly Conversion.AI and Jarvis), you can turn your prose into a completely customized and one-of-a-kind work of art.

With Jasper, you can create a blog post, an article, or even a poem, and the program will automatically create long-form content that is consistent with the rest of your writing.

With the Jasper Command, you can simply begin typing, and Jasper will automatically complete your phrases. 

With proper capitalization, punctuation, and grammar, the procedure is fully automated and performs admirably.


With the help of cutting-edge AI, Jasper can identify significant components in your composition and match them with the ideal examples from the library of more than a million words.

The outcomes are rather remarkable, and Jasper can bring your work to life.

Any type of writing, including poetry, business documents, articles, and creative writing, can be used with Jasper. Several instances include:

  • Lookup: Identify important words and phrases in your text, such as names of people or places, pronouns (such as I, me, and he/she), verbs, and adjectives.
  • Find/Replace: You can look for particular terms in your text using a keyword (such as “cat,” “dog,” or “red”) or a synonym (such as “animal,” “pet,” etc.). Making a list of often used expressions like “the swift brown fox” is a breeze with this function.
  • Add standard punctuation signs like commas, periods, and exclamation points. For people who frequently forget the little things, like how many spaces to use after a period, this function is ideal.
  • Fonts/Styles: There are more than 11,000 free fonts available, and there are 2,500 categories for various writing styles, so you may pick the ideal font to suit your mood. Additionally, text color can be altered.
  • This tool automatically recognizes quotation marks or paraphrased passages of text based on the context of your material. This function was used to highlight.

User Experience

jasper user experience

Jasper offers an excellent user experience with the opportunity to use a selection of templates that assist you in creating documents like proposals, case studies, and ebooks.

Additionally, you have access to a huge selection of tutorials that explain how to make the most of the software.

Boss Mode, which enables you to fully control the content production process and produce longer AI text documents, also offers a fantastic user experience.


Jasper comes with two pricing plans: Starter and Boss Mode.

jasper pricing

Starter offers the essential features, 20,000 words a month, and the ability to write 50+ different types of content, including headlines, bios, and descriptions.

Boss Mode offers limitless access to all Jasper features starting at $59 per month. Using Jasper Command to tell the AI to write exactly what you need will also allow you to write twice as quickly and gain control.

What I Like/Dislike About Jasper:


  • Easy-to-follow tutorials make it simple to learn how to use the software.
  • It can be used for many other things, such as proposals, case studies, and ebooks.
  • The quality is significantly higher than the majority of the other AI programs I’ve used.


  • The tool must be used inside of its editor, so using it outside of the software is not an option.
  • There are so many templates that learning how to use them all takes some time.


Jasper is a fantastic AI writing tool that enables you to create original text in response to your own words!

This service was used for the entirety of the review segment, and I feel accomplished as a result.

2. CopyAI.

Want to put a permanent stop to writer’s block? I advise CopyAI. You can use this online tool to write copy that is both imaginative and successful. It may be used to come up with concepts for blog entries, headlines, online advertisements, and more. The A.I.-powered content engine can also produce content in more than 25 other languages!

You should utilize CopyAI if you want to have all the creativity you require for both writing content and writing copy.

You can use this tool to write copy that is both imaginative and successful.

Choose the kind of copy you want to write, then explain your product. CopyAI will then provide you with a selection of templates and examples to help you get started.

By practicing with various copywriting prompts, you may also use the program to help you develop your writing abilities.

Therefore, CopyAI is the ideal tool for you if you’re having trouble coming up with ideas or simply want to enhance your game.


copyai key features

You can use CopyAI to generate phrases appropriate for various tasks, such as generating persuasive sales copy or simply wanting to communicate your ideas more clearly.

Some of the functionalities offered by CopyAI include the following:

  • Make persuasive digital advertising copy.
  • conceive of topics for blog posts and commission content creation
  • Create catchy headlines for your website with ease.
  • Create content as needed using AI in more than 25 different languages.
  • Increase the number of people who read your emails by using subject lines highlighting your company’s offerings.

User Experience

You may acquire a well-written product description in a matter of seconds by entering a few pieces of essential information, such as your product name, a brief description of it, and a few advanced options.

Choosing a serious, humorous, or in-between tone for your description is another feature I like.


  • There are then these two paid choices after the free plan, which are excellent for testing:
  • Pro: Excellent for small enterprises; a monthly fee of $35 (billed yearly)
  • Enterprise: Excellent for larger teams, with a personalized quote available upon request.

What I Like/Dislike About CopyAI:


  • Excellent for outlining, brainstorming, and drafting drafts
  • You can utilize it as frequently as you’d like with unlimited credits.
  • It’s easy and simple to use the first draft wizard.


  • The UI is not the most user-friendly.
  • Long-term content creation still has room for improvement.

Product Updates

  • You may easily create content briefs using the new content brief generator.
  • You may generate content that is on-brand with the help of custom tone and style choices.

3. INK Editor. 

Best for SEO assistant and AI co-writing

Purposeful communication is not always simple. INK’s strong AI writer makes it possible to effectively communicate your message, which is subsequently optimized for search engine results. INK Editor is a complete AI writing program that I heartily urge you to look at.

The distraction-free editor INK Editor combines an SEO helper with AI co-writing.

INK editor serves as an SEO assistant by assisting in the creation of content that will improve your search engine positioning and increase organic traffic.

This is due to the fact that its revolutionary AI engine instantly analyzes your content and makes recommendations to raise your INK SEO Score.

Therefore, high-scoring content has a higher chance of appearing in search results.

In fact, data analysis indicates that content is at least four times more likely to rank on Google if it has an INK SEO Score of 97% or higher.

In the meanwhile, the AI Co-Writing tool helps produce effective marketing material.

The co-writing tool, which is supported by a sophisticated AI, aids users in creating, expanding, rewriting, or simplifying sentences.

Having said that, this AI writing program also boasts several intriguing features.


The INK Editor offers several AI-writing helper features, including AI-Writing, AI-Simplifying, and AI-Expanding, as was previously mentioned. But it’s far more than just a tool for creating fresh content. Other elements of INK can improve both your writing experience and the visibility of your material.

The following is a list of the key functions that this utility provides:

  • enhancing the meta
  • corrections to your grammar and usage
  • streamlined interface
  • Image compression and resizing for improved performance
  • Sentimental evaluation
  • integration of WordPress
  • Modes of accessibility: dyslexia and color blind
  • The score for content readability
  • topics for discussion

User Experience

INK Editor user experience

When it comes to INK, it integrates with Google Chrome so you can start using the AI writing program wherever you need to write.

INK is easy to use, which results in a fantastic user experience. Simply enter your request for assistance into the software, and it will offer you suggestions.

There are also circumstances in which you can just select an alternative to what you’ve written, and the program will do the replacement automatically.


ink pricing

INK offers three pricing tiers:

  • beginning: $8.80 a month
  • Professional SEO: $44 monthly
  • $177 monthly for Team SEO Unlimited

What I Like/Dislike About INK:


  • Given that it includes a thesaurus and synonym finder, it’s excellent for writing SEO-related material.
  • When using the product, excellent customer service can be quite helpful.
  • simple to use and navigate


  • Sometimes, the content is choppy and illogical.
  • Learning how to use all of the features takes time.

Product Updates

People with various disabilities can use the software more simply, thanks to the Dyslexia and Colorblind Modes.

4. Grammarly.

Most effective for error-free proofreading

Grammarly is the tool for you if you want to use artificial intelligence to make any online writing better. Grammarly is as versatile as they come because it integrates with so many different programs. I urge you to use this tool on every piece of writing you do because it will improve it from good to exceptional.

Since its launch in 2009, Grammarly has established itself as the industry’s top grammar and spell-checking software.

It excels above others since it allows you to check your spelling, punctuation, and contextual errors, which enhances your writing abilities.

You may run checks in a variety of languages, including Australian, US, and UK English.

The application also includes features for checking for plagiarism and offers advice on how to make your writing more effective.

The fact that Grammarly includes a simple browser plugin is one of the appealing features for me.

Once you’ve added it to your browser, you can use Grammarly to verify your writing while you create emails and Google Docs.

Such thorough editing streamlines the writing process.

You won’t ever be surprised by glaring spelling, grammar, or other writing errors thanks to the Grammarly plugin.

Another benefit is how user-friendly the UI and error messages are.


grammarly key features

Grammarly analyzes your writing using cutting-edge AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP) methods.

The writing assistance tool flags grammatical and stylistic errors and can even assist you in streamlining, streamlining, and making your material more intelligible.

The following lists some of the features that Grammarly offers:

  • Checking for spelling, grammar, and context
  • supports multiple languages
  • Check for plagiarism
  • The score for content quality
  • simple interaction with the majority of business apps
  • a safe browser extension
  • 100% AI-based verification
  • available on both mobile and desktop

User Experience

grammarly user experience

The wonderful thing about Grammarly is that it divides the numerous errors into groups like critical, important, and suggestions.

Knowing what needs to be corrected first is now simple as a result.

Regarding the user interface, it’s also fantastic that Grammarly can be installed on your computer and run in the background as you type in different apps and programs.

These frequently function nicely with word processors like Google Docs, Microsoft Word, and others.


The wonderful thing about Grammarly is that it divides the numerous errors into groups like critical, important, and suggestions.

Knowing what needs to be corrected first is now simple as a result.

Regarding the user interface, it’s also fantastic that Grammarly can be installed on your computer and run in the background as you type in different apps and programs.

These frequently function nicely with word processors like Google Docs, Microsoft Word, and others.

1. No Monthly Fee Free Plan

  • basic checks for grammar, spelling, and punctuation
  • Limitations in terms of quality, clarity, and delivery tone
  • only one user

2. A $12.00/month Premium Plan is available.

  • Plagiarism monitoring
  • advanced writing advice
  • only one user

3. Business Plan with monthly user pricing of $12.50

  • specific admin panel
  • centralized billing and email support with priority
  • for groups with three or more people

Whether I Like or Dislike Grammarly:


  • Installing Grammarly on your computer will enable it to operate in the background and provides a basic free version.
  • can change depending on the tone selected


  • Sometimes, it detects incorrect errors.
  • not compatible with all apps and programs
  • is occasionally excessively strict with its restrictions

Product Updates

  • You can receive real-time editing feedback thanks to automatic text checking as you enter.
  • You may make sure that your work is original by using a new plagiarism detector.

5. Wordtune.

Best for Content Rephrasing

With Wordtune, you may write what you want to say and have it automatically adapt to the context and tone you are in by utilizing artificial intelligence (AI). I advise you to check out Wordtune to enhance your online communication, whether you want to speak in a formal setting or just want to have a conversation.

Wordtune does not advertise itself as a grammar-checking tool. It’s one of the few AI software applications that make an effort to comprehend the context and semantics of your writing.

It was created by AI21 Labs and rephrases texts using a variety of language models.

You may use Wordtune to improve your content’s persuasiveness, engagement, and usability.

The service combines cutting-edge, neural-net-based NLP technology with common AI tools to assist you in achieving this.

The program rewrites the information you’ve written more fluidly and understandably by paraphrasing it.

Instead of standard grammar checking, which emphasizes syntax over semantics, it aims to make the writing more readable.


Wordtune enables you to create well-written sentences while maintaining their original meaning.

It offers you several alternatives for each sentence you want to modify.

In addition to the functions mentioned above, Wordtune also provides the following features:

  • a solely cloud-based tool
  • clever paste function
  • works with all email clients and editors
  • Rewrites that use semantic analysis
  • total control over the length and structure of sentences
  • based on thesaurus real-time suggestions
  • word finder that is multilingual
  • simple connection with business tools and social networking websites

User Experience

wordtune user experience

With tools that assist you with sentence rephrasing, grammar, and style, Wordtune has a gorgeous menu.

Simply click a button, and the software will provide a variety of possibilities for you to select from.

Many of the recommended improvements are excellent and give you additional opportunities to express your points.


Wordtune Pricing Page

Wordtune’s price is divided into three tiers, just like Grammarly’s.

Everyone may utilize the Free plan without having to pay or register.

You can switch to the Premium premium plans, which are described in more detail below, for advanced capabilities.

1. The Free Plan is $0.

  • Simple advice
  • Basic rewrites 
  • Chrome extension

2. Monthly premium plan for $9.99

  • Advanced revisions and ideas
  • length and formality limiters
  • Word Locator

3. Premium Plan for Teams

  • Everything is included in the Premium
  •  Team billing
  •  Custom pricing

What I Like/Dislike About Wordtune:


  • The program provides excellent suggestions and has a fantastic understanding of the tone you’re trying to achieve.
  • The ability to rephrase sentences is excellent for thinking of creative ways to express ideas.
  • Wordtune is an excellent tool for people who have trouble writing clear sentences.


  • If you don’t want to eat up all the credits when it’s not in use, you must disable them.
  • Sometimes, the Chrome extension can be a little glitchy.

Product Updates

  • With Wordtune now integrated into Microsoft Word, you may receive writing assistance right inside the application.
  • You can now locate the ideal term for what you’re trying to convey thanks to clever synonyms.

6. ProWritingAid.

Best for Academic Content Editing

ProWritingAid can make the task much simpler for you if you work with academic content that cannot afford grammar errors.

It provides sophisticated grammar and spells checking as well as style recommendations.

It comes with more than 1000 writing styles already installed.

By giving thorough reports that might help writers improve their writing style, the software assists copywriters of all ability levels in improving their content.

As a bonus, it offers you original writing tips, relevant articles, and even videos and quizzes to make the editing process more interesting.

With the use of ProWritingAid, you may find and eliminate problematic parts in your writing, such as repetition, ambiguity, and lengthy phrases.

And like the majority of AI-based editing algorithms, it improves as you use it more and learn along with you.

Use it for academic writing assignments, business pieces, and other things.


ProWritingAid’s ubiquity is the one quality I must highlight. The program has a Chrome extension, and a Microsoft Office add-on, and even integrates with Scrivener and Google Docs. ProWritingAid can assist you regardless of the editing program you choose.

The following is a list of the tool’s primary features:

  • Check for plagiarism and grammar
  • Text tone evaluation Detailed engagement metrics
  • Formatting and style of sentences
  • easy integration of API
  • purely cloud-based approach
  • 20 thorough written reports
  • integration with well-known programs like Gmail and Medium


You can choose from any of the paid plans depending on your needs or use the free ProWritingAid Chrome addon.

Plans are split with the needs of the consumer in mind.

Here is a brief explanation of the ProWritingAid pricing schemes:

  • $20/monthly Monthly Plan
  • Annual Plan for $79
  • $399 Lifetime Plan (one-time payment)
  • $6/month for an individual business plan
  • Plan for Business Teams at $8 per user per month (minimum two users, billed annually).
  • Business Plan with specific pricing

Additionally, the site offers student discounts and discounts for large orders.

7. Sapling.

Best for Sales and Support Messages

The AI writing helper Sapling integrates with CRMs and messaging services.

It aims to aid in the creation and delivery of customized responses to clients by sales and support teams.

Managers can learn more about managing conversations and preparing teams for improved customer interactions by using this tool.

The product is currently utilized by well-known companies like TaskUs and Lionbridge.

Because Sapling employs a machine-learning algorithm, it claims to detect grammatical issues and typos considerably more accurately than conventional spell-checking software.

Additionally, it offers a strong autocomplete capability that helps hasten the process of creating responses for you.


You can stop relying on faulty chatbot reasoning thanks to Sapling.

The application saves and retrieves the most frequent query responses to empower human agents.

You can respond to a consumer and fix their issues with only one click.

In addition to the features listed above, Sapling additionally gives users access to the following ones:

  • For quicker writing, use Autocomplete everywhere.
  • Snippet repository available through web tools
  • Ability to enter preformatted text into messages and deliver human-in-the-loop responses
  • Dedicated to performance reporting
  • Support for omnichannel across a variety of apps
  • business-grade security
  • quickly installing


Sapling Pricing Page

The basic recommendations included in Sapling’s free plan are applicable to free domains.

TLS and AES-256 encryption are also available.

You must choose one of the subscription plans to benefit from advanced features and suggestions.

A short comparison of the Sapling Pricing Structure is provided below:

  • Paid Plan: $0 per month
  • Plan Pro: $25 per month
  • Enterprise Plan: Individual prices

8. AI Writer.

Best for Automatic Content Creation

For SEO content writers and content ninjas who don’t have the time to conduct in-depth research for article writing and development for content marketing, AI Writer is a good option.

In essence, this application is an AI content generator that creates an AI article for you depending on the data you provide.

You must enter a topic headline or keyword into the article writing program for it to automatically gather pertinent data from the internet and produce an article for you.

According to the corporate website, employing it can reduce writing time by up to 33%.

But it’s essential for content marketers and SEO bloggers to understand that AI Writer is not a replacement for human writing.

It merely aims to speed up writing by effectively gathering data that content authors can then tailor to their needs.


AI Writer offers a text rewriting feature in addition to being an automatic article writing program.

You can enter a piece of writing here, and the program will edit it.

Even pieces that AI Writer itself has spun can be reworded.

Some noteworthy features that AI Writer provides are as follows:

  • Writing advertisements on command
  • Rewording and article rewriting 
  • API for automated blogging
  • Creating material more quickly 
  • 94.47% pass rate for Copyscape


ai writer pricing

On the official AI Writer website, you can generate automatic articles for seven days during a free trial with restricted features.

If the trial performance meets your standards, you can choose from any of the paying options.

The paid plans that AI Writer provides are listed below:

  • $29/month for the Basic Plan
  • Regular Plan for $59 per month
  • $375/month for the Power Plan

9. Articoolo.

Best for Automatic WordPress Articles

Articoolo Homepage

Articoolo may be the finest option for WordPress-based bloggers looking for a quick way to create new blog posts.

Another article writing tool and AI content generator that provides a WordPress plugin to streamline and simplify the article authoring process.

Similar to other automatic AI text generator tools, Articoolo requires you to enter the topic, and the service will then produce the blog post for you.

You can be sure to get a quality AI article to start with because it uses contextual NLP-based algorithms; this is especially useful when you’re having writer’s block.

You can save time by using this program instead of doing hours of research and manually compiling data.

Simply utilize Articoolo to expedite the process and publish your blog entries more quickly.


Articoolo’s main service is that of an AI article writer, but you can also use it to rewrite already published articles. It even includes an API and a WordPress plugin for easy app integration.

The following is a list of Articoolo’s key characteristics:

  • rapid development and revision of articles
  • generator for titles and topics
  • Article synthesis
  • Search for quotes and images
  • Writer’s Assistant


Articoolo Pricing Page

Pay-per-use and monthly subscriptions are the two different forms of Articoolo pricing plans.

For bigger enterprises that require bulk service, they also provide team and custom subscriptions.

Following is a list of the pricing options:

  • For $19, ten articles
  • 50 articles for $75
  • 100 articles for $99
  • $30 for 30 articles per month
  • 100 articles for $49.00 a month
  • $250 articles for $99 each month

10. Text Blaze.

Best for Automating Repetitive Typing Tasks

Text Blaze Homepage

Text Blaze automates repetitive processes to lessen the monotony of typing.

You may quickly and easily create text snippets with this software that you can include anywhere, such as in social network posts or landing pages.

The procedure is accelerated even further by the abundance of keyboard shortcuts provided.

Although the majority of the app’s snippets are plaintext, you can also employ contextual, dynamic snippets that are created in real-time from user input.

You even have the option to use sophisticated business logic and interact with other apps thanks to this feature.

You can speed up both intra- and inter-team collaboration and communication by using Text Blaze snippets.

Because of this, managers of operations, salespeople, and teachers favor Text Blaze when they want to produce high-quality text content quickly.


Text Blaze has one advantage over many other AI writing tools: it can be used on any device that can run Google Chrome, including ChromeOS devices. Anyone can use it to manage snippets because the setup is simple.

Some of the capabilities that Text Blaze provides are listed below:

  • Adaptable templates
  • shortcuts on the keyboard
  • accessible on most popular web applications
  • Features for simple cooperation and sharing
  • Dynamic formulas for implementing business logic


Text Blaze Pricing Page

There are numerous options available with Text Blaze’s pricing plans.

You can add the Chrome extension and begin working on the Basic plan right away because it is free.

Teams and experts will need to upgrade since this plan’s sharing and creation capabilities are constrained.

The paid plans that Text Blaze provides are listed below:

  • $2.99/month for the Pro Plan
  • The business Plan is $6.99 per user per month;
  • Enterprise Plan is priced differently

What Is AI Writing Software or Artificial Intelligence?

The term “AI content writing software” refers to computer programs that help and expedite the production of the written content of the highest possible human quality.

In the field of content marketing, these tools are quite important.

You can compose emails more effectively, blog posts more quickly, and polish your language to grab readers’ interest by using AI writing tools.

You can get assistance from AI-based writing tools with everything from grammar and synonyms to context, sentence structure, and style.

The demand for AI tools to assist in streamlining various writers’ copywriting workflows is at an all-time high thanks to the adoption of deep learning and GPT-3 as well as several use cases of AI writing software.

Additionally, as more companies use AI-powered marketing solutions, there is a growing need for AI content writers.

The ability of AI writing software to assist you in developing content ideas is a fantastic feature.

The AI can provide topic suggestions based on what’s popular or trending if you’re having trouble coming up with ideas for your writing.

This is a terrific approach to make sure that the material you produce is always intriguing and relevant to your audience.

Do AI Writing Tools Cost a Lot?

You can probably tell from the product descriptions and pricing schedules above that SaaS solutions and the cloud are the two main deployment models for AI authoring tools.

You can choose a cost-effective membership plan that meets your needs with ease.

Even the majority of services provide free trials and plans.

Wrap Up.

The impact of a single misspelling on your brand’s reputation can be significant.

Any content you provide must be polished, accurate, and faultless as a result.

Businesses and startups can accomplish this and improve the marketing process with the aid of AI writing software.

The tools mentioned above can assist you in reaching your goals, whether they involve producing excellent content or simply generating articles in a matter of seconds.

To produce content of higher quality, you can also combine several tools.

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This will demonstrate how companies use these tools to offer the best possible customer service.