9 Best Transcription Software of 2024 (Speech to Text Tools)

Best Transcription Software

Best Transcription Software assists you with naturally changing over sound and video files into electronic text.

Also, you can make records for a huge load of online substance – digital broadcasts, recordings, online courses, or even gatherings and meetings.

The majority of these record devices depend on man-made brainpower innovations like AI and normal language handling to decipher sound to message.

The difficulty is, with such countless choices, it’s precarious to pick the right transcription software to go with.

That is the reason in this aide, I positioned and inspected the best record programming to utilize given precision, quality, estimating, and highlights, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

We should get to the rundown.

What is the Best Transcription Software?

Here are my top picks for the best record programming available.

1. FlexClip

FlexClip online video editor enables users to effortlessly translate their videos into over 60 popular languages. This functionality serves as a simple means to repurpose content, allowing it to reach new audiences worldwide.

Using AI speech recognition technology, FlexClip accurately transcribes the spoken content from videos into subtitles, which are then translated into the desired languages. This feature is advantageous for viewers seeking captions in different languages while retaining the original audio.

Additionally, FlexClip offers the capability to dub videos with hundreds of AI voices. Users can translate audio within the video into the target language, selecting their preferred voice to generate localized voiceovers.


FlexClip offers a comprehensive video translation feature to help you expand your reach and connect with viewers globally. Here’s what it can do:

  • Precisely transcribe the audio in your video
  • Translate your videos into more than 60 languages
  • Use AI voices to dub your videos
  • No software download required

FlexClip offers two subscription plans that include AI Video Translator functionality:

Plus Plan ($9.99 per month)

  • 6000k translation characters per year
  • 1080p Full-HD downloads
  • 5 stock videos per project
  • 5 stock audio per project
  • Unlimited video length
  • Custom branding
  • 30GB cloud storage
  • 100GB video hosting space

Business Plan ($19.99 per month)

  • 3.6m translation characters per year
  • 4K Ultra HD downloads
  • Unlimited stock videos and audio per project
  • Unlimited video length
  • Custom branding
  • 100GB cloud storage
  • 1TB video hosting space
  • Additional AI Credits

2. REV

Rev.com is a sound or video to text service with a pool of checked proficient transcriptionists, captioners, and interpreters.

They assist you with transforming your accounts into composed text that you can alter, save, and product into various organizations. This framework works paired with worked-in AI devices to guarantee blunder recognition for exactness.

This is the secret:

  • You’ll transfer your sound or video document from your framework, or you might copy-paste the web URL.
  • One of their experts (from a complete pool of more than 60,000) will interpret your document for you. They give a 100 percent assurance of more than almost 100% precision.
  • At last, you’ll accept your records as an editable report. You can likewise see and alter the record utilizing Rev’s built-in editing tools.

Their standard delivery time is 12 hours for most records, under 20 minutes. They likewise give rush delivery in around four hours (once more, for documents < 30 minutes).

They might deal with sounds with foundation commotion, numerous speakers, and different accents. In any case, note that they just work with English sounds.

Rev.com likewise allows you to computerize transfers with their API or mix with Zapier and other video platforms.

Moreover, you can likewise apply for automated transcriptions if you’re in a rush and have any desire to get documents in five minutes or less. It works utilizing the idea of discourse acknowledgment, and there’s no human intercession.

Fire up additionally falls into the closed captioning software class however it truly does significantly more than that which is the reason it is my top suggestion for record programming.

Different elements include:

  • English subtitles and captions.
  • The capacity to caption your video files in over eight languages.
  • Adds continuous caption to Zoom online courses and meetings.
  • A built-in voice recorder.
  • Free sound trimmer and cutter.
  • Straightforward pricing structure.
  • 24/7 client care.
  • Combination with Google Drive and Dropbox.
  • Free iPhone call recorder.
  • A pool of local English-talking specialists to decipher your documents.

Here are the services (along with their cost): 

  • Transcription – $1.25 per minute 
  • Machine-generated rough draft – 25 cents per minute 
  • English captions – $1.25 per minute 
  • Foreign subtitles – $3-7 per minute 

Fire up likewise empowers word-for-word records for an extra $0.25 for each sound moment. It even catches syllables like “Um” from the sound record.

3. Transcribe.

Best for Professional Transcriptionists

Transcribe is a security-centered transcription tool that is reasonable for changing over sound files to message naturally. Whether you’re paying attention to digital recordings, music, or even an authority meeting, it can save time as well as cash and increment efficiency levels.

Translate comes total with a specific sound player that assists with decoding audio. It gives foot pedal help, alongside incredible sluggish movement execution. The product accompanies a committed assist with a file that makes sense of every one of its highlights.

This help is appropriate for experts who need a spotless and confidential approach to interpreting sound. I like the convenient console easy routes that assist to perform undertakings, for example, embedding timestamps.


Coming to the highlights, Transcribe permits you to make captions for recordings and commodity records as WebVTT or SRT data types. These can then be utilized for captioning videos via virtual entertainment stages like YouTube or Vimeo.

Coming up next is a rundown of a few fundamental highlights of Transcribe:

  • Programmed text expander for abbreviations
  • The simple transformation from discourse to message
  • Manual record offices, for example, foot pedal 
  • Integration
  • Programmed sound stops and resume
  • Simple to user browser based interface
  • Works without an online connection
  • Secure and private


Transcript’s valuing plans are dead basic. It has just two levels: one for self-record and the other for AI transcription. Coming up next is a concise outline of each arrangement, alongside the yearly estimating.

1. Automatic Transcription at $20/year + $6/hour of audio

  • All offices of the self-transcription plan
  • AI-based programmed record
  • Video caption creation highlights
  • Speaker identification with automatic  timecodes

2. Self-Transcription at $20/year

  • Media player with incorporated editor
  • Limitless correspondence
  • Programmed text extension
  • Manual transcription helps, for example, foot pedal integration and playback circles

All plans are inexhaustible yearly. Notwithstanding, the assistance doesn’t give auto-renewal, so you’ll need to give express assent for permit recharging every year. This sets aside cash on the off chance that you needn’t bother with the assistance yet have neglected to quit.

4. Print.

Best for Mac Users

Trent is reasonable for Mac clients or even Windows clients who would rather not go through the problem of installing transcription services software. It allows you to transcribe video as well as sound files from the solace of your internet browser.

It’s an all-in-one audio editing and transcription platform that allows you to work together with colleagues utilizing various devices. The assistance has a quick time required to circle back, vigorous security terms, and low blunder rates.

Print utilizes progressed AI-based algorithms for transcribing sound and video. It upholds various dialects and incorporates arrangements for practically all lingos in the English language.


Aside from going sound to message inside a couple of moments, Trint gives choices to altering the message and adding captions to video files. It likewise furnishes you with the capacity to install these accessible transcripts on your site.

Here is a list of the Top Features that Trint Offers:

  • Quick sound to message transcription in practically no time
  • Artificial intelligence-based transcripts prompt decreased mistake rates
  • Straightforward apparatuses for dispersing records and items
  • Devoted application for iPhone permits a hurry openness
  • Upholds various document designs for the records


Trint’s pricing is circulated across five levels, and the highlights you get rely upon the arrangement you pick. Billing is month to month, however, I suggest you go with the yearly billing cycle and save 20%.

1. Starter Plan at $48/month

  • transcribe 84 documents each year
  • Admittance to the Trint editorial manager
  • Single client access

2. Advanced Plan at $60/month

  • Limitless everyday records
  • Admittance to the Trint editorial manager
  • Single client access

3. Pro Plan at $68/month

  • Everything in the Advanced Plan
  • Capacity to make public connections
  • Cooperative editing highlights

4. Pro Team Plan at $68/user/month

  • Everything in the Pro Plan
  • Upholds shared work areas
  • Multi-client access (up to ten clients)

5. Enterprise Plan at Custom Rates

  • Everything in Pro Team Plan
  • Dedicated security and reporting features
  • Supports more than 11 users

Each plan accompanies a fair utilization strategy, and there are no secret expenses or additional charges. You might decide to stop your arrangement should the need emerge. Notwithstanding, for an enormous volume record, you’ll have to contact the organization for custom statements.

5. Descript

Best for Collaborative Audio/Video Editing

Descript brings a straightforward report editorial manager feeling to making sound/video transcription. The tool consolidates a typographer, screen recorder, and proofreader in a similar bundle. It likewise incorporates AI-controlled distributing apparatuses that make sound/video editing simple and exciting.

It is straightforward: you simply simplified your media document onto the editorial manager, and the product translates the sound into the text to Use Descript. The literary transcript is shown in a basic document editor, where you can transform it in any capacity you please.

Right errors utilizing Overdub, clip out fillers, and add captions to your recordings… Descript allows you to do all that and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. It even has remote recording highlights and gives devoted cooperative tools to cooperative people.


Descript is great for working together on projects that require numerous colleagues. Aside from screen catch, remote recording, and speech-to-message change, the tool gives live joint effort and cloud-based synchronizing.

Coming up next is a rundown of the fundamental elements of Descript:

  • automatic transcription with practically moment completion times
  • White-Glove service that gives proficient human transcriptionists
  • Web-interface based project sharing, editing, and remarking highlights
  • A-list information security
  • Upholds numerous record designs (SRT/VTT/DOC/RTF)
  • Live, programmed multitrack record
  • Make audiograms from web recording features


Descript gives clients four valuing plans that give correspondingly more prominent elements. All plans are charged month to month, however, you can set aside to 20% by paying yearly. Here is a glance at every one of the plans and the related advantages.

1. Free Plan at $0/month

  • Record and edit one task
  • 20 screen accounts at the greatest goal of 720p
  •  three hours of transcription period

2. Creator Plan at $12/editor/month

  • Limitless number of undertakings and screen accounts
  • As long as ten hours of record each month
  • The course of events trading capacity

3. Pro Plan at $24/editor/month

  • Overdub, filler word disposal, and Audiograms
  • Group record sending out capacity
  • As long as 30 hours of record each month

4. Enterprise Plan at Custom Pricing

  • SSO highlights
  • Committed accounts rep
  • Custom onboarding and preparing

6. Express Scribe.

Best for Fast Transcription Jobs

If you want an audio transcription done incredibly quickly, I suggest you go with Express Scribe. It’s an altogether free tool viable with sound players and can coordinate with telephones and PCs using USB.

Aside from a quick record, it gives an accessible content manager that you can use to edit the transcripted text. The product works flawlessly with Microsoft Word and upholds USB foot pedals.

Express Scribe works in the two Windows and Mac frameworks and supports most audio and video file formats. Whether you decide to utilize the console hotkeys or a committed foot pedal, this product guarantees and delivers speedy transcripts.


Coming up next is a rundown of the fundamental highlights that Express Scribe offers:

  • Variable playback speeds
  • Automatic file management
  • Multi-channel control
  • Upholds encoded correspondence documents
  • Coordinates with both analog and digital voice recorders
  • Automatic file reception and stacking through FTP or email


Express Scribe Pricing Page

Express Scribe has a free adaptation that you can download from the authority webpage. It offers a large portion of the expected elements however with restricted record design support. For working with restrictive document designs, you can buy the Proforms of the device.

Professional adaptation of Express Scribe is accessible in the accompanying two variations:

  • Express Scribe Professional at $70 ($49.99 after markdown)
  • Express Scribe Basic at $60 ($39.95 after markdown)

You can likewise decide to bundle another app with the essential tool, like Express Dictate and Express Invoice. Payment for the tool can be made utilizing most cards or using PayPal.

7. Inqscribe.

Best for Ease of Use

Inqscribe Homepage

Inqscribe is one of the fresher contestants in the transcription software market and is very simple to utilize. The product’s remarkable selling point is the clear point of interaction makes the apparatus simple to work in any event, for beginners.

Inqscribe gives you an itemized guide that clears up how to use it. You’re additionally directed with straightforward on-screen guidelines that are not difficult to keep. Aside from the abovementioned, it incorporates a glossary of standard record terms so learners can get comfortable rapidly.

The product is cross-stage, albeit the Mac form is still in the phases of Beta testing. It works with the most well-known sound and video designs. You can utilize it to add redid timecodes, type straightforward notes, and commodity captions.


Regardless of being easy to utilize, Inqscribe doesn’t hold back on the highlights. The natural point of interaction allows you to play sound/video and type out records in a similar window. The supervisor works like a word processor and allows you to embed custom scraps with a solitary stroke.

Here is a rundown of the main highlights of the device:

  • Viable with QuickTime and Windows Media Player
  • Can play sound/video from tertiary capacity
  • Pitch lock component to forestall voice contortion
  • Without a mouse, console-based controls
  • Viable with USB foot pedals
  • Simple record sharing
  • Works with numerous commodity designs
  • Completely Unicode agreeable
  • Upholds various dialects


Downloading Inqscribe is free, and you can utilize the product without buying any permit. Be that as it may, here you’d be restricted in the number of highlights accessible. For the total Inqscribe experience, pick a singular permit at $99.

If you’re purchasing in mass (at least 5 licenses), you get alluring limits. Scholastic foundations, non-benefit associations, and understudies can likewise get unique rates.

8. Otter.

Best for Real-time Transcription

Otter is a web-based device that allows you to keep sound continuously and interpret it in a hurry. It’s viable with the iOS and Android working frameworks, and that implies you can utilize this discourse acknowledgment programming to translate on cell phones.

The tool gives clients various choices for editing transcripts and sharing them. It even has speaker ID highlights. In any case, a critical downside is that you can interpret as long as 600 minutes of sound each month with the free rendition.

Assuming you settle on the tool’s superior rendition, you can work with prerecorded sound and video documents. The product utilizes Ambient Voice Intelligence innovation, which allows it to get better with rehashed use.


One of the huge highlights of Otter is its simplicity of coordinated effort. Aside from AI-based voice acknowledgment, the product can communicate with a remote working tools like Zoom for cooperative transcription.

Here is a rundown of the other eminent highlights that Otter offers:

  • Real-time sound recording and record
  • Accessible records
  • Man-made intelligence-based flexibility
  • Reasonable for organizations as well as people
  • Transcription highlights for scholarly use


Otter’s valuing is again dispersed across three levels: Basic, Pro, and Business. The Basic arrangement is appropriate for true gatherings with impediments. The Pro and Business plans give admittance to premium highlights notwithstanding the fundamental abilities.

1. Free Plan at $0

  • Variable speed recording and playback
  • Cooperation highlights
  • Up to 600 minutes out of every month

2. Pro Plan at $8.33/month

  • Advanced import and export features
  • Custom vocabulary
  • Up to 6000 minutes per month

3. Business Plan at $20/user/month

  • Otter Live notes and captions for Zoom
  • Centralized billing
  • Up to 6000 minutes per user

Plans can be changed yearly or month to month, with up to 36% investment funds on yearly charging.

9. Sonix.

Best for Podcasters

Sonix is a profoundly exact automatic transcription service that is appropriate for podcasters, and anybody hoping to interpret sound. The assistance is utilized by north of 1,000,000 clients overall and delivers precise records more than 40 dialects.

The tools work completely on the web: simply transfer a sound/video document to the help, and it’ll return the record in something like five minutes or less. Its in-program editorial manager permits you to alter transcripts precisely like a word archive.

While utilizing Sonix, you don’t need to stress accentuations and speaker partition, as it deals with everything consequently. You might play out a subjective analysis of transcripts, which not very many record tools give.


Even though Sonix is the most appropriate for podcasters hoping to make exceptionally exact transcripts, it can interpret any sound or video document. Through the Sonix media player, you can impart transcripts and records to computerized captions for driving more prominent social traffic.

Aside from the abovementioned, the accompanying elements of Sonix are additionally significant:

  • Incredibly quick and precise
  • Reasonable evaluating plans
  • Upholds different dialects
  • Program-based record supervisor
  • Word-wise timestamps
  • Upholds different text designs (DOC/TXT/PDF)
  • Permits multitrack transfers
  • Custom word references
  • Robotized interpretation


Sonix Pricing Page

Sonix’s valuing plans are basic and clear: it offers three levels: Standard, Premium, and Enterprise. Each plan accompanies progressed includes and is reasonable for various sorts of clients.

Here is a separation of the different valuing choices for Sonix:

  • Standard (pay-more only as costs arise) plan at $10/hour
  • Premium arrangement at $5/hour + $22/client/month
  • Undertaking plan with custom valuing for high volume transcription

What is Transcription Software?

Transcription software refers to instruments that can permit clients to change over soundtracks into digital text. There is an enormous number of automatic transcription tools available, with fluctuating degrees of precision.

Some transcription services remember human transcriptionists of the interaction for expanding the exactness of the transcripted text. Nonetheless, choosing the best transcription service isn’t an element of precision alone, as I make sense of in the following segment.

How Do You Select the Best Speech to Text Software?

As I’ve proactively referenced, choosing the best transcription software relies upon an assortment of variables. In the accompanying segment, I’ll address every one of these in short.

1. precision

This is the above all else viewpoint to consider while picking the best transcription software. Normally, most AI-based programmed transcription tools can arrive at exactness levels of up to 90% precision, while human typographers have practically close to 100% exactness rates.

While choosing transcription software, I recommend utilizing the free preliminary to test the precision of the apparatus. Are the records it delivers liberated from syntactic blunders? Are there any failures in the accentuations? These are a portion of the viewpoints you want to think about.

2. Highlights

After precision, the highlights accessible assume the most conclusive part. Highlights, for example, captioning, in-program altering, and custom timestamp additions are a portion of the significant ones.

On the off chance that you’re a business searching for a recording device that makes showcasing recordings with captions, pursue sure your tool of decision has cooperation highlights. Such elements can help in smoothing out work processes and expanding proficiency.

3. Completion times

The time required to circle back alludes to the time that it takes for a record administration to return the finished records. Programmed record programming is expedient, with completion times of a couple of moments. In any case, you could need to forfeit precision.

Assuming that close to 100 percent precision is what you want, pick human-in the know (HITL) record administrations. These can frequently have completion times of possibly more than seven days, so you’ll need to consider a tradeoff between precision and time conveyed.

4. Valuing Plans

A spending plan is consistently a thought while deciding on any help, and record programming is the same. As you’ve previously seen, most services accompany a multi-layered estimating structure that is separated given the highlights you want.

While huge organizations can pick custom plans, little players and individual substance makers can choose pay more only as costs arise in installments. Most transcription software accompanies free renditions or preliminaries that you can use to try things out.

5. Foundation Noise Cleanup

Only one out of every odd sound or video record that you want to decipher will have a clear sound. There might be foundation commotion, static or different aggravations like fillers and accents. Your transcription software ought to have the option to tidy this up and convey clear records.

Some product offers multilingual help and works with all suitable document designs. The specific decision ought to be driven by your necessities and the sort of sound you work with.

6. Usability

Usability is the one element that you can’t think twice about while choosing transcription software. A straightforward and instinctive UI implies that you’ll have the option to zero in on your substance without stressing over exploring the product.

7. Security Policies

If you’re involving a web-based transcription  services for deciphering delicate sounds like gatherings/conversations, then, at that point, consistently take care to look at the assistance’s protection approaches. For touchy information, you can likewise request a non-revelation understanding.

Wrap Up.

The progression of machine learning and AI has helped the transcription software industry. Specialists anticipate that the area should extend at a 6.1% CAGR from 2020 to 2027.

If you’re on the quest for the best  transcription software, here are the top picks to browse:

  • Transcribe: Best for Professional Transcriptionists
  • Trent: Best for Mac Users
  • Descript: Best for cooperative sound/video altering
  • Express Scribe: Best for Fast Transcription Jobs
  • Inqscribe: Best for Ease of Use
  • Otter: Best for constant Transcription
  • Sonix: Best for podcasters

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