9 Best Closed Captioning Software of 2024 (Ranked & Reviewed)

Best Closed Captioning Software

My two favorite closed captioning software are Rev and 3Play Media.

Best Closed Captioning Software assists video with satisfying become more available to individuals, cutting across language and hearing incapacity boundaries. Furthermore, they can support SEO rankings to improve the conspicuousness of your page or site.

On top of that, closed captions can help to better monetize your YouTube channel because closed captions are a factor in YouTube’s organic algorithm.

Research also suggests that 35% of people prefer to turn on the “cc” option while watching videos,That’s why I will talk about the best closed caption software on the market today. In fact, closed captions can increase viewer retention by 12 percent on Facebook.. 

What is the Best Closed Captioning Software?

Here are my top picks for the best closed captioning software.

1. Rev.

Best For Short Turnaround Time

Rev Homepage

Rev is multi-purpose cloud-based software that offers premium, on-demand closed captions, transcriptions (both manual and automated), and foreign subtitles. It provides up to 99 percent accuracy for the captions with a turnaround time (TAT) between two and 25 hours.

It utilizes one of the most incredible discourse acknowledgment AI (Artificial Intelligence) offices and the biggest local area of “speech to text” specialists who add to the quick time required to circle back. The platform additionally has an instinctive connection point that works with simple record creation and arrangement.

 The software doesn’t require downloads, so users don’t have to worry about virus attacks, compatibility issues, or unnecessary pop-ups.

Users can send their video files or URLs or copy-paste links from video platforms like Youtube and Vimeo.

When the captioning is finished, Rev will send back the inscription document (for the most part in the .srt design) through email. It additionally offers subtitles in other viable record designs for simple openness.

During checkout, you may choose the burned-in captions (open captions) option to directly embed permanently captions on your video.

Additionally, it offers a video editor with a range of tools to help users edit the final video according to their requirements. You may also access it via the Android and Apple mobile applications.


In tandem with the world’s biggest text-to-speech freelancer community, the high-quality AI platform makes Rev a fast, easy, and accurate captioning and transcription platform. With the mobile applications and built-in video editor, users can ensure specific edits from any device.

In the following section, I have mentioned some of its other highlights:

  • Classified video document and URL transfers
  • Gives different viable subtitle documents
  • Subtitling specialists accessible 24×7
  • Coordinated video proofreader and related apparatuses
  • Open subtitle administration
  • iOS and Android versatile applications


Rev has a fixed charge of $1.25 per video minute with no extra costs for delivery or “difficult” audio files.

Here’s a quick summary of the turnaround time according to the length of the uploaded file/URL:

  • Two hours for a zero to five-minute long file
  • Seven hours for a five to ten-minute long file
  • 12 hours for a ten to 30-minute long file
  • 25 hours delivery for a 30 to 60-minute long file

Get started with Rev today.

Try Rev

2. 3Play Media.

Best For SLA Compliant Captioning Services

3Play Media Homepage

3Play Media is afull-service video openness softwares that gives quick, basic, and exact shut inscriptions. Contingent upon the video minutes or the file size, the time required to circle back can be anyplace between two hours and four work days.

Like Rev, clients can transfer the necessary record on the site straightforwardly from a PC or by links, integration, or custom APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). It will then, at that point, go through two rounds of great record to guarantee ideal exactness.

When prepared, the captions data can be downloaded in more than 50 formats, which are viable with most video playing and video coordinated stages. It has an easy to use interface where individual clients or organizations can sign into the product to finish the request cycle.

Notwithstanding closed captioning services, 3Play offers interpretations and sound depiction devices to assist clients with playing out various undertakings on one stage. You can reach out to a committed record chief to monitor the cycle and guarantee that your cutoff times are met.

It utilizes an exclusive innovation base that utilizes 11 licenses, remarkable data sets, and AI or machine learning. The platform likewise has a pool of 2,000 video editors who assist with inscribing, captioning, and records.


3Play Media utilizes a mix of AI advances and two-venture record for a full-evidence subtitling process. Clients are appointed individual directors who will assist them with keeping up with cutoff times and give help as and when required.

I have referenced its huge elements underneath:

  • Adaptable completion time
  • Continuous advancement tracking
  • 50 file types
  • Work process computerization and information encryption
  • SLA consistent services
  • Dependable exactness, cutoff time, and security


Clients can browse three membership designs, the specific costs of which will be noticeable subsequent to topping off a short necessity structure. Be that as it may, here are a few elements from the designs to assist you with getting a superior comprehension.

1. Express Plan for a single user:

  • Pay per project
  • Encoded caption for social media videos
  • Easy upgrade

2. Pro Plan for multiple users:

  • Live captioning
  • Audio descriptions’
  • Subtitling and translation

3. Enterprise Plan for businesses:

  • Custom workflows and turnaround time
  • Dedicated account manager

3. CaptioningStar.

Best For All-Round Captioning

CaptioningStar is a New-York based organization, offering different video captioning services, including closed captioning, open inscribing, constant captioning, crisis live captioning, and so forth. The captioners work 24×7 to convey close to 100% exactness with adaptable completion times.

The product is viable with the entirety of the significant video and sound file type, so clients can transfer the necessary video straightforwardly from their PCs. It likewise coordinates with numerous video stages, empowering clients to “pull” recordings from Youtube, Dropbox, Vimeo, and so on.

You might transfer or glue the record, if accessible. Any other way, this product will make one to help the in-constructed captioning device consequently create the captions. When the subtitling is finished, you can download it in any of the accessible 18 inscribing designs like webvtt and srt.

In the event of any inquiries, clients can reach out to CaptioningStar’s creation group anytime, which makes some reaction time of 15 minutes. They may likewise contact the client assistance group by means of various online entertainment channels, as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


This product offers clients an issue-free captioning platform that can give English and Spanish subtitles to various video content. The multi-design record download highlight gives you to install the subtitles access to the videos with practically no change or alters.

Some of its significant highlights:

  • Bi-language (English and Spanish) closed captions
  • Live stream captioning
  • Point-and-click upload
  • Free API and interactive video player
  • Customizable TAT of 12, 24, and 36 hours
  • 24×7 support team


CaptionStar Pricing Page

Like Rev, CaptioningStar also has a fixed pricing plan of $2 for captioning one video minute. And if you want both transcripts and captions that will cost $2.75 per video minute.

However, users may receive discounts on bulk orders and referrals.

4. Vitac.

Best For Online And Offline Captioning

The biggest captioning organization in the US, Vitac offers proficient captioning services for disconnected and online video platforms. Its live captioning highlight is viable with Youtube, Zoom, Live Stream, AdobeConnect, and Skype.

For this reason, Vitac coordinates video through API platform, different TV station associations, consistent exchanging, and intensive language research by its group. The captions are made as individual text files, after which they can be matched up with the said video.

Along these lines, clients can turn the subtitles on or off as per their necessities. The subtitle records additionally go through compulsory decoders, which empower Vitac to alter or reupload them if there should arise an occurrence of a blunder or future disparities in the video.

Clients can likewise look over other captioning services for various languages, like Spanish and French. The platform has a group of expert and qualified captioners who work nonstop to follow through on prefixed completion times.

Vitac empowers clients to get inscriptions (or records) in the srt document design for fast transfer and joining with online entertainment recordings. It additionally has the arrangement to add hard-coded or open captioining ,


Vitac’s offline captioining services consent to the FCC (Federal Communications Commission). It keeps serious areas of strength for a with different TV and neighborhood news channels to make exact and integrable programmed subtitling.

I have mentioned some of the other features below:

  • Auto-sync caption files
  • Multi-language captions
  • Live captions for web videos and conferences
  • Remote meeting integrations
  • Social media integrations


Since Vitac doesn’t publicize it’s prices, clients can contact thededicated serive gateway for mentioning statements. They can immediately set up a free account by entering a couple of details as possible and the undertaking determinations in the given structure.

5. Archive Captioning.

Best For Live Captioning

archive Captioning is another multi-captioning platform that offers real time inscribing for live transmissions. It utilizes prepared captioners who use stenograph machines to change overexpressed words into text.

The assistance additionally offers numerous inscription or captioning integration for gatherings and virtual meeting software on Zoom, Cisco Webex, ON24, and Adobe Connect. Additionally, the live captioning incorporations are legitimate for Facebook, Youtube, Ustream, Wowza Streaming, and Vimeo.

A critical component that clients can benefit is the after creation captioning services, which assist content creators with making the video available for hearing-impeded people. It’s likewise valuable for crowds who understand well  English or are in a “no-sound”environment.

You can involve the disconnected inscribing services in various styles like put pop-on, fixed, and roll-up. The put pop on captioning has an adaptable position and uses coordinated text to synchronize with the visuals and demonstrate off-screen sound (like audio effects).

With the fixed (focused) style, you can put the captions/subtitles on the lower part of the screen, where the speaker change is signified by a scramble (- ). Also, the roll-up cations show up on the screen in a consistent stream, with chevrons (>>) demonstrating speaker changes.


With a scope of closed captions and after creation caption tools, Archive Captioning plans to take care of various client prerequisites. Its 24×7 captioning group gives same-day TAT while guaranteeing staggered quality confirmation for ideal exactness.

To put it plainly, here are the highlights that the stage brings to the table:

  • Different caption formats
  • Secured caption outputs
  • IP address whitelisting and password-protected accounts
  • Same-day turnaround
  • Multi-level quality checks
  • Machine translation for foreign language captions


Archive Captioning Quote Page

6. CaptionAccess.

Best For Remote Captioning

CaptionAccess is a video accessibility platform that provides captions for live and offline video content.In charge of its quality captioning services is a group of gifted hearing-weakened editors, which assists the platform with accomplishing more prominent precision for no-sound video seeing.

Being a remote captioning service, its captioners are accessible nonstop to deal with the guaranteed time required to circle back. You can anticipate that captions conveyance inside one should four workdays.

The platform utilizes a CART (Communication Access Realtime Translation) apparatus that converts expressed words into understandable text for versatile PC screens. Consequently, clients don’t need to switch gadgets during online classes, meetings, scholastic talks, or different occasions.

CaptionAcess additionally works with importance for significance interpretation a sweeping or dense type of interpretation for making captions. It likewise follows time code text development to guarantee that the captions sync with the discourse or speaker’s sound.

Since there are no immediate transfer choices for recordings or URLs, clients ought to contact the stage straightforwardly to send their orders. They can send in the necessary video records from any gadget or cloud-based application.


With the assistance of CART and consolidated interpretation includes, this stage permits clients to browse live, disconnected, word-to-text, or significance to-importance interpretations. Its distant activity implies that the captions services are accessible 24×7 to follow the predefined times required to circle back.

Its other highlights include:

  • Expert professional captioning
  • For Youtube videos, webinars, and online conferences
  • Time-coded texts for accurate synchronization
  • Captions fit different screens
  • Facilitates last-minute scheduling changes
  • Stenotype machine for text formation


CaptionAccess Quote Page

Potential users can ask for a detailed quote according to their needs and specifications. The platform also offers a free demo of its services.

7. MacCaption And CaptionMaker.

Best For Bulk Captioning

MacCaption And CaptionMaker Homepage

MacCaption And CaptionMaker is a licensed closed caption and subtitling software available for Mac devices. In any case, it likewise offers the CaptionMaker rendition, which is viable with Windows working frameworks.

When the video records are uploaded on the site, its coordinated e-captioning techonology permits clients to make, alter, encode or reuse subtitles for TVs, web, and gadget screens.

It likewise improves on the most common way of making the captioning consistent with existing unofficial laws. This makes for quick, simple, and powerful captioning incorporation for web or transmissions.

The product can likewise deal with high-volume caption handling assignments, including text inclusion and extraction, design changes, timing, or edge rate change.

You can perform sub-clipping or clip get-together cycles and coordinate the last result with platforms like Vantage for mechanizing the whole work process. Besides direct joining into media documents, it empowers clients to investigate and perform quality keeps an eye on the video files.

With the most recent expansion of coordinated text discourse (discourse to message), the softwares can perform the programmed records in more than 100 dialects to make closed captioning. This will prove to be useful for time-limited projects where you can hardly hang tight for different record services.


The scope of incorporated devices and highlights assists clients with making exact captions following unofficial laws. Its quick result can be straightforwardly coordinated into video files for speedy transmission.

Some of its highlights include:

  • Troubleshooting and quality checks
  • Automated workflow integration
  • Automatic transcription
  • Format conversion tool
  • Frame adjustment


MacCaption and CaptionMaker offer three annual subscription plans, which are valid for one machine at a time.

MacCaption And CaptionMaker Price Page

1. Desktop Edition at $1,898

  • Auto timestamp
  • Popular file formats

2. Pro Edition at $6,598

  • Support for embedding caption into TV broadcast
  • Subtitle overlays

3. Enterprise Edition at $15,525

  • Automated closed captioning
  • Conversion and external scripting and control

The timed text speech feature is available separately at the cost of $99 per month.

What Is Closed Captioning Software?

Closed captioning software is a program that permits video makers and proprietors to make texts for a video for understanding purposes. The text is by and large a record of the ongoing sound part, which may likewise incorporate non-discourse sound like music.

Contingent upon the highlights of the product, clients may straightforwardly install the text into the video or transfer it independently. Numerous stages empower clients to either physically make the shut inscriptions or naturally make them from the records.

Wrap Up.

Given the significance of video content on the web, shut subtitles have turned into a priority include. Pages with video records will probably see an expansion in income contrasted with the ones without them.

If you have any desire to upgrade the range of your recordings, pick among the accompanying:

  • Fire up: Best For Short Turnaround Time
  • 3Play Media: Best For SLA Compliant Captioning Service
  • CaptioningStar: Best For All-Round Captioning
  • Vitac: Best For Online And Offline Captioning
  • Chronicle Captioning: Best For Live Captioning
  • CaptionAccess: Best For Remote Captioning
  • MacCaption: Best For Bulk Captioning

I trust that my work will observe you the best closed captioning programming.

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