7+ Best Podcast Software to Edit and Record Your Show (2024)

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Best Podcast Software

Picking the Best Podcast Software means quite a bit to your business. From editing to recording, as well to promote, the best digital podcast software can assist you with meeting your objectives. In this aide, I positioned and evaluated the 7+ best podcast software, with the goal that you can pick the best one for you.

Need to hop directly to the best podcast software? My top pick is Riverside.

Might it be said that you are hoping to begin a fruitful digital podcast this year?

Simply take a gander at the force of podcasts:

  • These are large numbers considering Insider Intelligence estimates that only around 424 million people are podcast listeners worldwide. Around 32% of Americans pay attention to podcasts every month.
  • 45% of digital recording audience members say they got impacted to purchase an item after hearing a podcast

So what tools do you have to begin?

As well to having podcast hosting platforms, you want podcast software to record and customize your shows. 

We should begin.

What is the Best Podcast Software?

Here are my top picks for the best podcast software to utilize this year:

1. Riverside.

Best for turning your browser into an easy-to-use recording studio.

Riverside Homepage

Riverside is the best generally online podcast recording studio available. It is easy to utilize, just requiring a slight expectation to learn and adapt to get everything rolling.

As a podcasting program, Riverside is intended for clients who need to record both voice and video and post them to the web. It gives the easiest technique to record podcast and video interviews in studio-level quality from any place, utilizing your web program to record and save the documents straightforwardly to the cloud.

Riverside’s solidarity lies in guaranteeing that your meetings are dependably smooth and slack-free, because of nearby accounts occurring with all members. Gone are the days when you get uneven and pixelated accounts while having various individuals in the equivalent web recording room.

With regards to sound, all accounts occur on the clients’ gadgets at 48kHz, guaranteeing the sound quality is top-notch.

With every client’s voice transferred to the cloud progressively, you may promptly download the podcast to your PC after it’s done.

Key Features:

  • You can get full admittance to Riverside in the job of a maker, and that implies that you’ll have the option to watch from the side without being recorded. Also, guarantee that your show settings are calibrated as the web recording advances.
  • Have the option to welcome visitors, quiet individuals, and make the ideal moves as the digital recording is going on
  • Making sound and video tracks that are unmistakable from each other happen consequently, and that implies that you’ll continuously have simple admittance to both when post-altering.
  • You can record podcasts while in a hurry with Riverside’s iOS application, so you’ll be all set when motivation strikes.
  • With numerous FAQ articles and a visit include on the site, you’ll have every one of your inquiries responded to rapidly and straightforwardly.
  • You can likewise record online courses with Riverside, implying that you won’t require additional products assuming you choose to steer your business that way.


 Riverside Pricing

To get everything rolling, you can get limitless access to every one of the highlights at no expense and preliminary the product for a limit of an hour. There is no requirement for a Visa so you can test it out before buying with practically no commitments.

From that point forward, the evaluating plans are as per the following:

  • Essential: Record 2 hours out of every month, charged at $90 yearly
  • Standard: Record 5 hours out of each month, set at $180 every year
  • Master: Record 15 hours out of every month, set at $288 yearly
  • Undertaking: Contact them for a custom statement

With the annual prices mentioned above, you’ll save up to 21% when compared to the monthly plans.

2. Adobe Audition.

Best for professionals and desktop users ($20.99 per month).

Adobe Audition homepage

Adobe Audition is an element-rich sound recording device for podcasters hoping to deliver numerous soundtracks on PC?

Adobe Audition is a piece of Adobe Creative Cloud (CC) and allows you to record various podcasts at a solitary moment through various receivers. What’s more, you can make, blend, and plan a huge number of audio effects.

This thorough digital recording programming additionally gives great podcast creation highlights like individual EQ, handling treatment, and gain levels to each voice after creation.

Consequently, it empowers you to handily record and cycle a roundtable conversation.

Other than that, Adobe Audition accompanies different non-damaging impacts and sounds into the whole track or a clasp. Its versatile foundation sound decrease ability assists you with recording podcasts with proficient quality.

Key Features:

  • Spectral Analysis – Eliminate unwanted surrounding sounds from the podcaster’s voice with Spectral analysis.
  • Envelopes – Easily control the volume levels of music beds/ music, fading in, fading out, and “ducking” under voice.
  • Match Loudness – Match the loudness of other speakers to keep podcasts’ overall loudness at uniform levels.


  • Add music, SFX, exchange, and Ambience voice through Adobe Audio Essential Sound.
  • It allows you to add in excess of 50 sound impacts.
  • The multi-track view allows you to blend various tracks without any problem.
  • The Frequency Analysis highlight shapes your sound and places it over various tracks.
  • It additionally offers an Essential Sound Panel that you can use to remember significant sounds and impacts for the podcast
  • It likewise allows you to reestablish sounds without any problem.


Adobe Audition pricing

Initially, it offers a 7-day free trial to check out the product. The paid “Business Class” plan costs $20.99 per month

3. Audacity.

Free, Open-Source Podcasting Platform Suitable For Beginners (Free).

Audacity - Best Podcast Recording and Editing Software

Audacity is a simple to-utilize and cross-platform sound proofreader and recording software for the two fledglings and specialists.

Its computerized audio workstation is viable with various working frameworks, including Windows, MacOS, GNU/Linux, and then some. It’s an open-source stage with a free rendition worked by many workers.

You never again need a full recording studio or costly advanced sound workstations (DAW) to record audio – a PC and a couple of basic bits of podcast softwarelike Audacity.

A portion of its essential elements are:

  • Sync-lock
  • High sound quality (Supports 16-digit, 24-cycle, and 32-bit)
  • Capacity to import/send out sounds in various configurations
  • Simple webcast altering choices
  • Support for various modules (LADSPA, LV2, Nyquist, VST and Audio Unit impact )

In addition, the designers make a point to refresh it consistently to give every one of the most recent elements.

Key Features:

  • Analysis checking – The spectrogram view mode assists with the perception and choosing frequencies. It likewise upholds the Vamp analysis module for profound examination of the graphic substance of sound records.
  • Enhancements – You can add impacts as well as audit them continuously. The embellishments incorporate LADSPA, LV2, VST, and Audio Unit (macOS) impacts.
  • Console Shortcuts – An extensive variety of console easy routes let you completely track and control the determinations.


  • Dauntlessness is an open-source stage, so it’s completely free.
  • It’s firmly simple to utilize once you get the hang of its functionalities.
  • Digitize recordings from some other media you need.
  • Record live sound, either utilizing a mouthpiece or a blender.
  • Simple customization and altering with capabilities like cut, duplicate, and glue.


Dauntlessness is an open-source podcast software, so it’s totally free with next to no secret charges. Designers additionally update it consistently to satisfy the changing needs of the business.

4. GarageBand.

Best music production and podcast software for Mac (Free).

GarageBand. (Best for Mac)

GarageBand is one of the most incredible and best podcast recording software for Mac clients to orchestrate and join numerous sounds into a solitary webcast.

This reasonable computerized sound workstation offers a simple expectation to learn and adapt and accompanies an easy-to-understand interface.

It additionally offers pre-recorded circles and synths to assist you with making ambient sound and jingles for your webcast.

Garageband Create Jingles podcasts

It permits you to effortlessly make separate tracks for introductions, outros, music, and promotion spots. Additionally, you can empower a few modules for each track, including clamor entryways, EQ, and pressure.

The shape-moving controls let you change the sound degree of individual tracks and move them anyplace you need.

On the off chance that you own a Mac and have a careful financial plan to record and alter your digital broadcast, dealing with GarageBand checks out. It’s free for use as well as gives a few extraordinary elements.

Key Features:

  • Add Track – Add a track to your podcast in a hurry, utilizing your iPhone or iPad.
  • Savvy Control – It empowers you to change the members’ voices continuously to improve for a more expert digital broadcast recording.
  • Ace Track – Easily control by and large EQ, blend pressure and restricting to assist with getting normal levels at a higher point.


  • Add ongoing impacts in your web recording to diminish your after-creation work.
  • It allows you to add a boundless number of tracks to your digital broadcast.
  • You can change volume and panning or abbreviate and broaden the melodic circle.
  • It offers an easy-to-use interface.
  • Change and transform sound as you need.
  • You can likewise change the pitch and speed of tracks.
  • The MIDI sound tool assists you with making extraordinary ambient sound and jingles for your web recording.


Free: GarageBand is available for free. You can download it from Apple’s app store.

5. Apple Logic Pro X.

A good option for users looking for full-featured podcasting and music production ($200/one-time purchase).

Apple Logic Pro X cover image

Apple Logic Pro X A decent choice for clients searching for completely unlocked podcasting and music creation ($200/once buy).

is a completely unlocked music creation and recording software  for extremely top-notch work. You’d absolutely love to realize that it imparts a portion of its DNAs to GarageBand.

Thus, on the off chance that you are as of now acquainted with the GarageBand, you can undoubtedly begin chipping away at Pro X.

Other than this, it presently offers multi-contact motions to assist with controlling the tone of individual tracks through Visual EQ. In addition, its module chief modifies the pecking order of your menu to keep all the expected modules prepared to utilize.

Rationale Pro X likewise permits you to straightforwardly record your circles into a cell. You can likewise use the iPhone or iPad to control the network all the more natural and even control individual cells by essentially tapping on the framework.

Its Remix Effects Plugin thoroughly takes care of you, including:

  • Adjusting the voice
  • Sifting sound
  • Adding impacts to the voice
  • And the sky is the limit from there.

Besides, the Remix FX highlight adds DJ-style changes and impacts in your sound to give a special flavor to your podcast.

Apple Logic Pro X Features

Key Features:

  • Live Loop – This capability allows you to make and orchestrate podcast and music continuously.
  • Rationale Remote – Easily control highlights, including Remix FX, Live Loops, and that’s just the beginning, from iPad or iPhone through multi-contact motions.
  • Multi-Touch Mixing – Control your blend from any gadget, whether it’s your cell phone, work area, or tablet.
  • Extreme Recording – It empowers programmed take the board and consistent punch recording. It additionally upholds 24-bit/192kHz sound.


  • Influence district-based boundaries for time, note speed, and elements to convey a holding recording.
  • The ‘Strategic scheduling’ featurest controls the rhythm and timing of recording.
  • Select the best takes of a segment utilizing a basic snap and drag capability.
  • Empower mechanization to catch changes to a module boundary or channel strip.
  • It makes the best sounds utilizing EQs, elements processors, and other premium creation impacts.
  • Effectively share tracks and undertakings with Mail Drop and AirDrop.


apple logic pro x pricing

The Pro rendition is accessible at a one-time installment of $200. You likewise get a free preliminary to look at  podcast software  prior to buying it.

6. Buzzsprout.

One of the easiest ways to create and promote your podcast ($12 per month).

buzzsprout homepage

Buzzsprout is an incredible podcast hosting tool for clients who need to make, have, advance, and track their digital broadcast from a solitary stage. It empowers you to arrive at a great many likely audience members.

What’s more, list your web recordings on the absolute most famous platforms, for example,

  • Spotify
  • Apple Podcasts
  • Stitcher
  • Alexa
  • iHeartRadio
  • Soundcloud
  • And many more

Getting your web  podcast added to these various platforms is one of the easiest types of normal digital podcast showcasing that you can do to help get your webcast going and begin fabricating a crowd of people.

Buzzsprout podcasting list

It permits you to alter the web recording player according to your marking needs. The web recording player additionally empowers you to pay attention to podcasts at 2x speed. Along these lines, you can pay attention to happier quicker than expected.

Also, you can undoubtedly adapt your podcasts.. Buzzsprout accomplices with a few brands to assist you with beginning and begin making member profit.

It also lets you:

  • Successfully make and disseminate podcasts.
  • Give clear podcasts subtleties.
  • Work on your digital broadcast thus.
  • Make segment markers inside your episodes.
  • Raise your podcasts to foster its compass.

Its ‘Magic Mastering’ additionally makes all the difference for your sound quality. Essentially, what Instagram channels are to picture, magic mastering is to your sounds.

On top of all of this, it offers a 90-days free time for testing to each client to investigate the platform.

Key Features:

  • Magic Mastering – It use cutting-edge innovation to regulate sound records naturally. It likewise improves your sounds to line up with industry principles and convey an expertly recorded podcast.
  • Programmed Episode Optimization – Buzzsprout consequently advances different specialized parts of the sound, including digit rate, ID3, or record type.
  • Record – Make your podcast more open for handicapped clients and more noticeable on web search tools with records. For more data, you can peruse my manual for record programming and other text-to-discourse choices.


  • The ‘Chapter Markers’ assist your clients in effectively exploring the most loved digital broadcasts, tracking the most recent turns of events, and keeping away from spoilers.
  • A limitless number of clients can deal with a solitary digital recording. You can likewise add a limitless number of web recordings on a solitary record.
  • The Buzzsprout API permits podcasters to straightforwardly associate.
  • Discharge video audio clips of your podcasts via web-based entertainment for more compelling computerized showcasing.
  • Buzzsprout likewise assists you with making your own site with custom space and marking.
  • Track the presentation of your digital broadcast in light of socioeconomics, and areas, and that’s just the beginning.


buzzsprout pricing

Buzzsprout offers four estimating plans, including:

  • Free: Free preliminary accessible for 90 days with 2 hours of transfer each month
  • Standard Plan: $12 per client each month with 3 hours of transfer each month
  • Business Class: $18 per client each month with 6 hours of transfer each month
  • Undertaking: $24 per client each month with 12 hours of transfer each month

All plans offer limitless stockpiling, limitless colleagues, progressed details, and webcast import. Just transfer hours fluctuate for various plans.

You can peruse my full Buzzsprout survey for more data.

7. FuseBox.

Reasonable for podcasters who are searching for a novel arrangement of podcasting instruments ($8 each month).

FuseBox is one of the most remarkable web recording players and altering for your site.

FuseBox offers a three-in-one web recording player, including Full Player, Single Track Player, and vast Sticky Player. These adaptable choices assist you with expanding client commitment and the tune-in/download count.

FuseBox also lets you:

  • Binge pay attention to the podcasts
  • Increment transformation rates and drive prompts email
  • Reward your podcasts audience members with records
  • Advance your  podcast and make it a point of convergence of your image

It likewise accompanies an in-assembled email catch structure to urge clients to buy into your webcast. It’s a brilliant method for building a huge pool of steadfast audience members. Its podcast player is adaptable, and you can pick different speed cutoff points to pay attention to the podcast.

Here is a concise once-over of a portion of its other conspicuous elements:

  • Speed control
  • Email catch
  • Custom tones
  • Versatility
  • Social sharing
  • And that’s just the beginning
Fusebox Features

Key Features:

  • Record Plugin – It produces SEO amicable records of your podcast to assist you with positioning better in web crawlers. It likewise further develops commitment and helps in an unexpected way abled crowds to read the digital recording.
  • Social Sharing and Download – Users can undoubtedly share their number one episodes on different virtual entertainment platfrom. They even have the decision to download the track for disconnected tuning in.
  • Dynamic – The platfrom is portable and responsive for all screen sizes.


  • Coordinate the shade of your players with your marking prerequisites.
  • You can add URLs and text in the depiction of your web recording.
  • Place a tacky player at the top or lower part of your website page to draw in more client commitment. It additionally allows your clients to pay attention to digital broadcasts while riding your site.
  • Download the records of digital broadcasts in PDF design on the off chance that you lean toward perusing.
  • It likewise offers strong reconciliation choices with outsider email advertising arrangements.
  • Get close enough to all podcasts in the hunt choice.


FuseBox comes with two plans:

  • Free: The freemium plan just offers a Sticky player.
  • Fusebo Pro: $15.83 each month per client when charged yearly.

Highlights like email catch and player customization are missing in the free arrangement. Additionally, high level capabilities like email support and online class preparing are just accessible with the paid arrangement.

8. Anchor.fm.

An extraordinary application for podcasters who need to record directly from the cell phones (Free).

anchor fm homepage

Anchor.fm is a free  podcast software, reasonable for fledglings and specialists the same. The iOS and Android gadget support empower you to record a podcast with next to no additional gear. Thus, in the event that you are searching for straightforward podcastrecording software, Anchor.fm is an astounding choice. Subsequent to recording your webcast, you can alter it right from your cell phone.

It likewise offers an Episode Builder to assist you with making episodes with practically no altering. You can likewise add change impacts and your audience members’ voices in your podcast to make the podcast really captivating. In addition, Anchor allows you to rework your sections on a case-by-case basis.

Anchor likewise offers free web recording facilitating, which is a reward.

A few different elements that make it one of a kind are:

  • Single tick dissemination of podcasts to a few platforms
  • Adapt your platforms utilizing audience backing and sponsorships
  • Co-have your platforms with companions or welcome various visitors
  • Investigation to follow your platforms’ exhibitions
Anchor Analytical tools

Key Features:

  • Editing Tools – After transferring or recording the sound, you can immediately begin altering from your iOS or Android gadget. It permits you to manage sections and keep just what you need to keep.
  • Creation Tools – Easily add music from Apple Music or Spotify into your podcast. You can likewise add ambient sound, progress impacts, voice messages, or even import and sound to your podcast..
  • Podcast with Guests – You can welcome anybody as a visitor or a co-have. This implies numerous podcasters can record a solitary podcast  from their particular gadgets.


  • The instinctive analytics dashboard allows you to follow the presentation of your episodes and crowd development.
  • Adapt your podcast by choosing your preferred sponsorship advertisements.
  • You can likewise take gifts from audience members every month.
  • Circulate your digital recording to every significant stage, including Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, and Spotify.
  • From making a digital recording to facilitating it, Anchor.fm is totally free for its clients.
  • You can likewise deal with your RSS channel physically to have absolute command over the circulation of your  podcast.


  • Free: Anchor.fm’s administrations are accessible for free for all clients.

What Are the Steps to Record a Podcast?

Recording and editing a podcast is not rocket science. However, it would require a bit of technical know-how and practice to record and cut an engaging podcast.

I created this guide to record and edit a podcast in Logic Pro X for users who have an elementary knowledge of creating podcasts.

Also, note that here we are recording a podcast with two participants. Both the participants are recording the podcast on different locations from their respective microphones. After the podcast’s completion, one participant will send the audio to incorporate it in the final file of the podcast.

1. Start Your Project.

Open Logic Pro X and select the “Multi-Track” choice. You can arrive at here by tapping on File>New from Template. It will open an unfilled undertaking that will reflect void tracks.

Record podcast - start the project

2. Import Audio Files.

Then, import audio files, including the voice of both the podcasters and the one having a joined discussion of both. Mark these tracks as per the speakers’ names. Try not to stress over the place of tracks as of now. Make a point to save the undertaking after you import the sound.

3. Synchronization.

The normal issue podcasters face is the absence of synchronization among various tracks. Be that as it may, it’s anything but a major issue assuming that you have the setting of the discussion in your psyche.

Here, the recording of the consolidated tracks makes a difference. You can arrange your voice in the different sound documents against the joined sound record and afterward line up someone else’s voice with a similar consolidated soundtrack. After a touch of exertion, you can accomplish excellent synchronization.

This is how the waveforms would look – impeccably lined after the synchronization of audio files.

record podcast synchronized

In the wake of accomplishing the ideal synchronization, you can erase the consolidated audio file. It isn’t needed any longer

4. Strip Silence.

The Strip Silence highlight permits you to cut quiet minutes in the podcast automatically. You can set boundaries according to your inclination to allow the instrument to identify and cut quietness from the digital recording.

You can change boundaries in light of time, edge, pre-assault time, and post-discharge time. You should simply choose the soundtrack, and it will feature quiet minutes. Then, you simply have to press Ctrl-X to erase featured parts.

5. Delay, Cross Talk, and Noise.

Running Strip Silence settle a ton of issues, including delay, cross talk, and commotion.

In the event that the single individual is talking uninterruptedly for quite a while, you shouldn’t have to alter anything. All things considered, simply move to the following segment of the sound.

Nonetheless, in a situation where the main individual gestures to anything that the subsequent individual is saying, it winds up making rehashed interference. Strip Silence can undoubtedly distinguish these blurbs and assist you with erasing them immediately.

Then again, when you record a webcast with members at various areas, you could confront network defers by as long as 2 seconds, particularly on the off chance that you’re utilizing something like Skype or Zoom. All things considered, simply press Shift-F to accomplish amazing synchronization.

6. Send out.

You can send out the last digital broadcast episode by bobbing to a document. Simply press Cmd-B to get to the bob menu. You can regularly utilize the MP3 at 160 kbps setting or a WAV document to send out the webcast.

What is a computerized sound workstation?

A computerized sound workstation (DAW) is a sound recording programming that is utilized to make music, webcasts, or actually any kind of sound creation work. Undeniable DAW’s can be somewhat more muddled then an instrument like Garage Band, however utilizing a DAW is the ideal digital broadcast programming to get the best sound quality.


What psoftware do you use for podcasts?

Boldness is a program that you can use to deliver web recordings and alter sound. It’s allowed to download and accessible for Windows, Mac, or Linux PCs. You likely as of now have it in the event that you’re utilizing iTunes! Utilizing the Audacity bearings, anybody can deliver their own digital broadcast with interviews from others in simply a question of minutes.

What is the best free podcast software?

GarageBand is best for recording digital broadcasts from your sources, supposed “live” recording. It likewise has extraordinary altering highlights and permits you to be completely proficient in your appearance with a studio-like climate. Conversely, Audacity is great for bringing existing accounts into sound documents of various arrangements prior to posting them via virtual entertainment or digital recording sites. Contrasted with sound recorder applications like Tape AC360 by Spire FM and Pandora’s Sound Studio, both are extremely basic apparatuses that require no establishment (however you could require explicit forms of refreshed macOS). They download as independent applications that need nothing introduced to save the actual program so they’re the fastest downloads conceivable assuming that speed is what you require most.

What is it that I want to record a digital broadcast?

1) Phone or landline to record sound from visitors.

2) Microphone of any kind for the moderator to record their side sound – this is fundamental, and a modest USB receiver will do the trick.

3) Software like Audacity, GarageBand, or Adobe Audition.

4) Internet association with great data transfer capacity/transfer speed

5) Headphones (not speakers) for the recording individual to screen themselves. Speakers make a reverberation which having on your recording is best not.

What is the best program to alter digital recordings?

Adobe Audition is doubtlessly the best program for altering web recordings since it has a natural connection point and accompanies a wide choice of impacts, synths, circles, modules, and instruments that are undeniably upgraded for improving sound quality.

Executive Summary.

That covers the absolute best web recording programming and digital broadcast creation stages.

Every choice offers a few one-of-a-kinds and some standard podcast software features. Nonetheless, this multitude of instruments will help you record and alter digital broadcasts proficiently. Center around each podcasting tool’s remarkable highlights to conclude which choice would give the greatest value for your money.

For example, if you need to record digital broadcasts with a multi-mic arrangement, it’s smarter to go with podcast devices with cutting-edge capacities like Apple Logic Pro X, Buzzsprout, or Adobe Audition. Nonetheless, in the event that you needn’t bother with a complicated recording or altering arrangement, you should seriously mull over Anchor.FM to record and alter webcasts from your cell phone straightforwardly.

The last decision relies upon your general inclinations and spending plan.