7 Best Crypto Portfolio Trackers of 2024 (Ranked and Reviewed)

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Best Crypto Portfolio Trackers

best Crypto Portfolio Trackers become possibly the most important factor To make things simpler while building a crypto portfolio.

The method involved with trading crypto can be extreme.With such an unpredictable market, monitoring everything becomes complicated or convoluted in my opinion.Without the right tools, you could forget about whether your speculation is developing or contracting as time passes by.

To make things simpler while building a crypto portfolio, Best Crypto Portfolio Trackers become possibly the most important factor.

These are tools intended to interface with the best crypto trades and assist you with watching how your computerized resources are performing.

Managing a crypto trade that doesn’t make things natural to the end client can be muddled, guaranteeing to the point that everything is however basic as conceivable seems to be really smart.

With most crypto trackers offering such countless fancy odds and ends, it becomes intense to comprehend which arrangement is the right one for your necessities.

I’ve assembled this manual to list the top crypto portfolio trackers available at the present time.

With this rundown, you can find the right help for your specific crypto needs.

How about we get everything rolling.

What Are The Best Crypto Portfolio Trackers?

Trading crypto tokens utilizing venture applications can be nerve-wrack. The crypto market is especially unstable, and it’s difficult to believe all the data you go over on the web.

It’s great to realize that the best trackers will show constant information on how much cash you have made, what the ongoing worth of your venture is, and in view of past examples, what advantageous future crypto speculations you ought to investigate.

Most trackers will likewise permit you to put away and pull out cash inside a similar point of interaction by associating with your digital crypto wallet or even NFT wallet. A couple of will try and furnish you with more itemized investigation and measurements, like a breakdown of your resources by class or across crypto trades.

In light of the abovementioned, coming up next are the top crypto portfolio trackers that you ought to think about this moment.

1. Koinly.

Best for a crypto portfolio that also takes care of your crypto tax reports.

Koinly produces crypto tax reports in less than 15 minutes. This makes it one of the most amazing digital currency portfolio tracking applications for your taxes. The application additionally assists you with settling on better choices using AI investing software to give you experience in expected trades.

The crypto taxes reports create a point-by-point depiction of every one of your exchanges and, surprisingly, offer straightforward and dependable bits of knowledge and clarifications on the most proficient method to further develop your future crypto exchanges.

Effectively import exchanges through API or even CSV files, and the application will do all of your crypto tax reporting for you. You can associate your blockchain wallet through its public location and it will consequently import the history of your exchanges.

Every one of this implies that you’ll likewise have the option to see your benefits or misfortunes for any fiscal year, with practically no additional expenses.

Koinly is particularly useful for the individuals who need to exchange between various digital currencies and need solid reports to show their previous exchanges.

Key Features:

  • With portfolio following, you’ll effortlessly see your portfolio across all wallets on one page.
  • Make and download your assessment archives like a flash.
  • You need to pay no additional charges to get the most reliable and dependable data about your past exchanges, benefits, and misfortunes.
  • Import your exchanges from 300+ trades and wallets so you need to do no additional manual work.

Get started with Koinly.

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2. Coin Market Manager.

Best portfolio and analytical tool for crypto trading.

Coin Market Manager allows you to keep improving your crypto-making decisions through journaling. By allowing you to keep a journal, CMM has very quickly become one of the most popular apps on the market with this feature.

By having a watchlist of specific trends and getting notifications about any changes that happen, you can make better trading decisions in less time.

With this journaling tool, you can go back to past research and look at insights into why certain cryptocurrencies and trades have worked better than others for yourself or your team.

Through the use of its analytical features, Coin Market Manager is one of the best apps when it comes to monitoring your cryptocurrency portfolio.

Key Features:

  • Journaling for long haul learning – Track patterns in your prosperity or disappointment so you can improve as a crypto merchant.
  • With a solitary snap, synchronize your total exchange history utilizing Read-Only API keys and start checking every one of your activities immediately.
  • Get a customized public page with a particular vanity URL that you can impart to other people. This assists them with confirming your portfolio and exchange history.
  • Make speedy estimations on the fly with regards to authentic exchange values to guarantee exact outcomes and better choices.


Coin Market Manager is one of the few crypto portfolio trackers that display the prices involved on their website. After a 14 day free trial, their pricing plans are as follows:

  • Professional: $499.99 annually
  • Enterprise: $599.99 annually
  • Unlocked: You can get all the features for free forever if your accounts with their referral exchange links.

You also have the possibility of choosing a monthly membership if you don’t want to be tied into a yearly commitment.

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3. FTX (Formerly Blockfolio).

Best for having access to more than 10,000 cryptocurrencies.

With breaking crypto about in excess of 10,000 cryptocurrencies, the FTX application is one of the most extensive for purchasing and following such digital currencies.

The application incorporates a market and cost tracker and might in fact set cautions for when monetary forms pass a specific boundary. Consider it your headquarters for keeping steady over your crypto exchanging movement.

Assuming you’re searching for an application that permits you to deal with your portfolio from one point of interaction, FTX is an incredible choice. Their application offers definite outlines and diagrams that assist you with following the advancement of the monetary standards that interest you.

Notwithstanding crypto exchanging, you can now exchange tokenized stocks as well as and NFTs on this stage.

There’s likewise FTX Signal usefulness, which is a novel interchanges stage planned only for token groups to communicate and draw in with their allies. Keeping in contact with individuals that are keen on exactly the same things as you is advantageous all of the time.

At long last, with each $10 that you exchange, you procure an opportunity to get an arbitrary free coin. The more you exchange, the more cash you make on this stage.

Key Features:

  • Communicate directly with your token base, consisting of people that are the most invested in what you have to say
  • Teams use this app to inform the community about updates and news that they’re releasing.
  • More than 6 million people use this app to get the latest news and updates about the coin they’re following
  • Get alerts when prices move, so you can act quickly and benefit from market fluctuations.
  • Have access to all your crypto portfolio in one simple to use interface.

4. Delta Exchange.

Best for getting a $30000 Trading Bonus on signup.

Delta Exchange is probably the best spot to exchange creative cryptographic money subsidiaries and stable crypto coins. In this sense, it is an interesting application that permits you to in a split second beginning exchanging.

With their state-of-the-art data, you’ll have the option to exchange things like fates, choices, and even perform financing cost trades on bitcoin and more than 50 altcoins. You can do this with as much as 100x influence.

One incredible element about Delta Exchange is that all withdrawals are physically investigated which implies that nobody will actually want to hack your record and take your profit.

With big business grade security and care, you are guaranteed that all your crypto wallets are protected. This is an incredible component to have in any crypto portfolio, and Delta Exchange does this admirably.

With regards to costs, their exchanging expenses are charged as follows: creator orders at 0.02% and taker orders at 0.05%.

With regards to altcoin-BTC pair prospects, the exchanging expenses included are 0.10% for both creator and taker orders.

Key Features:

  • A hack-proof cryptocurrency exchange where all funds are stored in smart contracts for additional security.
  • You can fund your account either with BTC or USDT without having a minimum deposit limit
  • Immediately be able to trade futures, options, or swap interest rates on bitcoin and more than 50 other altcoins.
  • Only your name and email are required to sign up to Delta Exchange – you can get started immediately.

5. CoinTracker.

Best for having the ability to buy/sell 8000+ cryptocurrencies.

CoinTracker makes tracking all of your cryptocurrencies investments an easy task.

Acquire constant experiences into your reasonable value, speculation achievement, and portfolio designation. Your exchange history is accessible across all crypto benefits and can be looked and sifted.

CoinTracker likewise upholds more than 300 trades and 8000+ cryptographic forms of money, and that implies that their pursuit and channel capacities can come in genuine helpful at some random time.

It likewise implies that you’ll have no issues keeping a total portfolio as you consider fit through their product to be well as putting resources into new cryptographic forms of money depending on the situation.

The Cost Basis Optimization choice permits you to computerize the estimation of cost premise bookkeeping strategies, bringing about a huge number of dollars in investment funds every year.

Such investment funds likewise assist you with seeing things all the more plainly and permit you to exchange crypto better while developing your advanced wallet.

Key Features:

  • Keep track of your expenses and income to comply with tax rules so you won’t have to worry about doing it all at the very last minute.
  • Use their Android app or Apple iOS app to track your portfolio from anywhere around the world.
  • Easily get started by connecting your wallets and exchanges and be able to get insights and reports quickly. With powerful integrations with the top global wallets, you can import your data and begin to make better decisions for your portfolio.

6. Accointing.

Best for avoiding complicated transactions when buying/selling crypto.

Accointing offers both a crypto portfolio tracker and a crypto tax calculator to help you file taxes when it’s time to do so.

Interface your wallets and trades with the assistance of their API or blockchain and you’ll be well coming. With both portable or work area (Mac or Windows working framework) variants of their product, you might interface more than 300 unique wallets and trades in a single spot.

After you interface your product, start seeing constant and authentic evaluation to get a superior thought of the crypto resources that you own. Track, screen, and work on your portfolio through nitty-gritty graphs and other visuals.

Investigating your exhibition and diving deep into your exchanges permits you to go with better choices with regards to surveying your worth on the lookout.

The duty-adding machine utilizes an extremely clear connection point that will permit you to import the entirety of your information and show up at a significantly more exact outcome while figuring significant computations with respect to the trading of tokens.

With a similar stage additionally offering you all that you want as far as crypto charges, it would be helpful to exploit their different highlights to get the most potential precise data.

Key Features:

  • Make use of their crypto tax advisors to get the best feedback on your specific situation
  • Connect your exchanges and wallets to over 300 supported platforms within the same interface
  • Get the exact insight for your needs to make the most of out every transaction that you perform
  • In just five clicks, you can get a customized tax report that is also based on the country that you live in and its particular rules and regulations.


Accointing is another transparent platform with its pricing schedule. You have four plans that are available to you (one of which is free), each with its costs and features.

  • Free Plan: This allows you to file 25 taxable transactions
  • Hobbyist: Allows you to file 500 taxable transactions – Cost: $79
  • Trader: Allows you to file 5000 taxable transactions – Cost: $199
  • Pro: Allows you to file 50000 taxable transactions – Cost: $299

Each of the plans comes with features such as portfolio tracking, tax-loss harvesting tools, a tracking app for your crypto, as well as allows you to track unlimited transactions.

7. Kubera.

Best for making everything as simple as dealing with a spreadsheet.

Kubera permits you to add the right stock tickers to your dashboard and start rapidly following your crypto, providing you with a vastly improved thought of its worth.

Add the stock ticker and afterward add it to your dashboard for constant updates on cost and execution to go with better choices.

While following your crypto resources, Kubera has usefulness that upholds Ethereum, BSC, and Polygon, and that implies that you’ll have the option to follow every one of your tokens from its point of interaction.

You can likewise follow different ledgers from around the world. With the capacity to associate with north of 20000 banks around the world, you can rapidly import your information and start to observe every one of your records in a single spot.

Key Features:

  • Import bank transactions from around the world, allowing you to better track your net worth
  • See the value of your crypto asset management with real-time price updates in one single location
  • Adding assets is straightforward: simply add a new row, and you’re done – pretty much like dealing with a spreadsheet.
  • Kubera will automatically adjust its document’s displayed asset value when new data is added or changes are made in the underlying information source, keeping all the pieces of information accurate and up to date.

Other crypto portfolio trackers not mentioned here include eToro and Coinstats.

What are Crypto Portfolio Trackers?

A crypto portfolio tracker is an application or site that permits you to follow the worth of your crypto resources (like BTC, ETH, XRP, and so forth.).

They permit you to find out about how much every one of your tokens is worth progressively.

The applications work by following approaching and active exchanges that occur on the blockchain, which will provide you with an exact portrayal of what your record resembles at some random time.

Elements To Consider When Choosing A Crypto Tracker

The accompanying elements ought to be viewed as while searching for a crypto portfolio following application:

1. Natural Design and User Experience Features.

Some crypto portfolio trackers have new highlights that come out intermittently as necessary, while others give a more essential arrangement of elements. Ensure that the program you pick has all that you really want to get the data required.

The capacity to redo your dashboard is likewise something that you’ll need to pay special attention to. A significant number of the applications out there will permit you to make a modified plan and look, which can all the more likely suit your requirements and inclinations.

2. Cross-Platform Compatibility

It’s ideal in the event that the application you pick gives applications to iOS and Android, as well as having a web adaptation so you can get to it from anyplace, including work or school.

While most apparatuses will utilize distributed storage to have the option to get to them through a program, some of them expect that you download their application to your PC or work area. This probably won’t work for you relying upon what your work or school arrangements are.

3. Convenience

A few applications are more easy to use than others, so you’ll have to find one that fits inside your usual range of familiarity.

On the off chance that managing numerous portfolios, guarantee that the application actually stays simple to utilize, the more portfolios you add.

You’ll likewise need to search for an application that doesn’t have an excessive number of bugs or errors while bringing in information, since these can disturb the usefulness of the device and make it hard to utilize.

4. Client care Features

While picking a portfolio tracker, client care is fundamental, particularly on the off chance that you’re new to following your resources.

Assuming you at any point run into issues with information imports or don’t exactly comprehend how the program functions, fast help assets will permit you to refocus without going through lengthy holding up periods.

The best crypto portfolio tracker for your requirements is one that makes you ready the quickest, so the quicker the help group answers, the better.

5. Number of Currencies Supported

The more monetary standards upheld by a portfolio tracker, the better your possibilities are of tracking down an application that addresses your issues. A few choices will just permit you to follow specific symbolic sorts yet will give you admittance to more than 20000 digital forms of money.

While this might appear as though a great deal, there are a few applications out there that can deal with much more than that yet give viable and convenient information refreshes. Everything relies upon what you really want to make everything work.

There are additionally different portfolio trackers that make the method involved with purchasing NFTs simple. This may be an interesting point too prior to pursuing your choice.

6. Capacity To Sync Across Different Devices

A decent crypto portfolio tracker will synchronize all of your data across various gadgets. A crypto portfolio the board application ought to preferably be open from each of your gadgets continuously, whether you’re at home, work, or in a hurry.

Ensuring that everything is supported and synchronized to the cloud is significant while considering the right tracker for your crypto portfolios.

7. Examination Features Dashboards

A crypto portfolio following application ought to remember definite logical reports that give you data for your portfolio’s presentation, including how much every one of your coins is worth and possible increases or misfortunes made.

The best portfolio tracker will try and have highlights that go similar to giving you supportive experiences, for example, the best opportunity to trade specific monetary forms. This can further develop your general dynamic with regards to putting resources into things like ICOs and exchanging various coins.

8. The Ability to Integrate With Other Tools

While picking a cryptographic money tracker, you’ll need to ensure that the application takes into consideration outsider instruments and reports to be coordinated with it.

A few choices permit you as the client to get to APIs from trades where you can download all your monetary resources history, so you can monitor your ventures all the more without any problem.

In addition, the best instruments utilize a DeFi aggregator to unite a few exchanges performed over various stages.

What’s more, some crypto portfolio trackers likewise permit you to coordinate with bitcoin mining programming to monitor any expected increases to your portfolio through this technique.

9. Number of Supported Exchanges

One more vital variable to consider is the quantity of upheld trades that are on your crypto portfolio tracker.

A few applications will just allow you to monitor your coins that are exchanged on a couple of trades, while others will give you admittance to information on various trades.

Assuming you have coins on different exchanging stages, essential to pick an application can cover these business sectors so you pass up no opportune speculation information.

10. Journalling abilities

An incredible crypto portfolio following element that isn’t normal in all the applications accessible right currently is the capacity to diary your exchanges. This permits you to monitor why a specific speculation choice was made and what variables hinted at it in a course of events.

This helps while revisiting your ventures since you can see every one of the significant notes about every exchange that occurred. You’ll have the option to rehash the activities that worked and dispose of those that didn’t.

11. Make Email or SMS Alerts

A few applications permit clients to make email alarms and even instant message cautions when their resources arrive at a particular cost.

These additional items are generally cheap, however they’re very useful when you need to ensure that you don’t pass up a chance for benefit or when market instability could prompt coins dipping under a specific worth so you can get them at a lower cost.

12. Security and Backup

Security is a critical variable to see while picking the best portfolio tracker for you.

Ensure that your application has two-factor verification empowered so programmers can’t get sufficiently close to your record and data, not regardless of whether they have your secret key.

You’ll likewise need to ensure that your information is upheld on the off chance that anything happens to your PC or cell phone where you’re putting away it.

13. Assist with your crypto government forms

Crypto financial backers are committed to monitor their benefits and misfortunes for charge purposes. Fortunately, most applications additionally incorporate this element.

In the event that you’re taking a gander at an application that doesn’t offer help for digital currency charges, you should consider picking one that accompanies crypto charge programming included. The last thing you need is to overpay/come up short on your assessments due to a slight oversight.

14. Digital money News Updates

The last basic element to search for in a digital money portfolio tracker is news refreshes connected with individual monetary standards and general industry patterns.

Most top of the line choices will give consistent updates about what’s happening inside a trade or with explicit monetary forms.

Getting the most recent news on your versatile application straightforwardly inside your crypto portfolio the executives stage is very advantageous and productive.

15. NFT stocks

A few portfolios could acquaint a component permitting you with purchase NFT stocks straightforwardly from their point of interaction.

This will make the entire interaction much more direct, implying that you will not need to visit different sites if you have any desire to get your hands on stocks connected with non-fungible tokens.

With regards to managing stocks, additionally recall that this is an unstable region, so do your exploration prior to getting involved with a specific stock.

Different elements to consider

While picking a portfolio tracker, here are a further interesting points that are beneficial to specify.

Mastercard installments: which installment doors are considered this sort of programming? Not all crypto contributing applications acknowledge charge card installments. By checking which installment passages are acknowledged, you will limit your decisions to those that could sound good to you.

Also, assuming you’re keen on money management utilizing crypto Mastercards, guarantee that the effective financial planning application you pick acknowledges this type of installment.

Likewise, government issued types of money are not upheld by all crypto portfolio trackers. Check if the installment strategies you have any desire to utilize are acknowledged prior to pursuing any choices.

Lists: does the assistance you need to pick incorporate files? A few administrations track files as well as individual cryptos, which might assist you with settling on more adjusted venture choices.

Record: might you at any point interface it to your ongoing record? On the off chance that you utilize an equipment wallet and your product doesn’t associate with it, then, at that point, you should enter every one of your information physically.

In the event that you don’t, the data probably won’t be completely exact. While, can mean a ton of manual work.

Crypto property: what is your unsurpassed crypto possessions diagram? A few applications that help a specific number of trades probably won’t have the option to give exact information that returns however much you need it to.

Likewise, try to check whether the digital money portfolio tracker upholds each of the stages where you as of now have coins put away.

Liquidity while purchasing/selling: what is the liquidity for every one of your coins? A few trades have high exchanging volumes, yet this doesn’t imply that they’re fluid.

Check whether the digital money portfolio tracker you pick has exact information in regards to your ongoing property prior to settling on any choices.

Best Crypto Portfolio Trackers – FAQ

For what reason is it critical that a cryptographic money portfolio tracker tracks numerous trades?

Crypto merchants have a wide assortment of trades where they can trade coins. Assuming you’re exchanging on various trades, the application that you use probably won’t have the option to follow all of your speculation information.

Therefore the best digital money portfolio tracker should permit clients to screen information from trades on various stages with the goal that no important data is lost.

Why isn’t paper wallet capacity a significant component in picking a crypto portfolio tracker?

A few applications permit financial backers to make paper wallets out of their advanced resources. This choice is advantageous on the grounds that it implies clients don’t need to download them on their device(s) or save them there for expanded periods.

Be that as it may, this usefulness isn’t really significant on the grounds that paper wallets are not exceptionally secure. They can be lost or taken, and they’re additionally inclined to be annihilated.

What are a few other exceptional highlights of cryptographic money portfolio trackers?

A few applications have exceptional highlights that make them stand apart from the rest. For instance, Blockfolio has an element called Signal where clients can associate and share thoughts regarding various speculations inside the stage.

Dealers should look at this choice assuming that correspondence is critical to them since they can without much of a stretch reach out to specialists who are more mindful of what they’re doing available.

Moreover, a few applications permit their clients to set up programmed purchase sell orders for their resources. This way you don’t for even a moment need to screen each development that occurs in your portfolio – the framework will do it for you.

What amount does a crypto portfolio tracker cost?

A cryptographic money portfolio tracker regularly requires a charge to utilize. Notwithstanding, most applications have a free variant that permits financial backers to begin without paying immediately.

Obviously, a few paid variants offer a bigger number of elements and preferred versatility over the free ones, yet this is the sort of thing that you’ll have to find out all alone relying upon what you’re searching for in an application.

Might I at any point get everything rolling with a free crypto portfolio tracker?

Indeed yet I don’t recommend you go for that. A few applications are 100 percent allowed to utilize yet offer restricted usefulness. Simultaneously, others forgo their charge for a short period or on the other hand assuming you’re willing to pay every year rather than month to month so there are ways of getting a more ideal arrangement.

Simultaneously, crypto portfolio trackers are not over the top expensive, so it’s ideal to zero in on improving exchanges, instead of stressing over the negligible charge the tracker costs.

What sorts of digital money trades could I at any point screen?

The most well known applications support different stages where you can trade computerized resources. This implies that they could incorporate Bitfinex, Bittrex, Poloniex, Coinbase Pro, Gemini, Kraken, Binance and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

As a side note, look at my examination article on Kraken versus Coinbase for more data on the two stages.

A few applications don’t uphold all trades inside their foundation since they spend significant time in observing information from only a couple of trades.

What are trade accounts?

Trade accounts are instruments that help you screen and exchange individual upsides of every one of your resources.

For instance, assuming you have an equilibrium on CoinMarketCap, the portfolio tracker will consequently include these qualities to decide how much your all out resource is worth and afterward permit you to trade this incentive for something different.

A few applications give this component to free, however others require an extra month to month or yearly installment relying upon what highlights you need from them.

Wrap Up.

The best digital money portfolio trackers will set you in a superior situation to go with brilliant speculation choices and partake in the advantages of exchanging probably the most beneficial coins available today.

These trackers can assist with further developing your venture methodology and even give cost alarms that let you know when certain monetary standards arrive at central issues so you’ll be ready to exploit moving midpoints. There is an application out there for everybody’s requirements, so think about every one of the above factors prior to making your last pick.

To recap, these are the top crypto portfolio trackers accessible at the present time:

Koinly: Best for a crypto portfolio that likewise deals with your crypto charge reports.

Coin Market Manager: Best portfolio and scientific device for crypto exchanging.

FTX (Formerly Blockfolio): Best for approaching in excess of 10,000 digital currencies.

By remembering the above show, you can settle on an informed conclusion about which tracker would be best for you with regards to grasping the worth of your digital money speculations.

Have you at any point utilized any of the above crypto portfolio trackers? How was your experience? Tell me in the remarks underneath!